Non-download casinos

A relatively recent development in online casinos is the introduction of Instant play casinos or non-download casinos. Although online casinos started off as a download version, non-download casinos have already made a good mark in the industry within the few years of its introduction. This article introduces web-based casinos and explains how it works along with its pros and cons.

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About Non-download casinos

This type of casino is represented by different names, which all makes sense once you know how this version functions. One of the names is non-download casinos which signifies that you do not have to download a casino software to play and bet on casino games; another name is web-based casino which means you use the web browser to perform all functions and it’s also called an instant play casino because you can instantly perform all functions without having to go through the process of downloading and installing casino software.

Players will require browser plugins such as Flash, Shockwave and Java and bandwidth to lead the graphics, animations and sounds from the web, but this should be a non-issue as most web browsers already have these inbuilt.  Players will have access to all bonuses, promotions and tournaments via the website of the no-download casino.

How non-download casinos work

There isn’t much to describe when explaining how these casinos work. You simply open your web-browser and register straight away.

Working yourself through the casino is same as any other website. The interface is smooth (although it might not as smooth as downloaded software) and all functions are performed on the website through the web browser. If you have a decent internet connection (which pretty much everyone has access to nowadays), working with web based casinos should be a breeze.

Steps to follow while dealing with web based casinos:

Step 1: Open the web-browser

Step 2: Type in the casino URL. Make sure the casino offers the non-download version.

Step 3: Click Register or Join Now

Step 4: Enter basic details such as Username, Password, Email Address, Postal Address (if required) etc.

Step 5: Sign-in with your new account and click deposit.

Step 6: Choose the most convenient deposit method and deposit amount

Step 7: Start playing and wagering

Over the years, instant play versions of online casinos have become more popular. This goes to prove that the advantages of web based casinos out-weight the disadvantages. However, players should not neglect the disadvantages of playing in a web based casino and understand them clearly before making a choice between the download and non-download version.

Advantage of Non-download Casinos

tick-markWhen dealing with web based casinos, you do not have to wait for any download and installation process. You can just open the browser and start registering and playing straight away.

tick-markSince it depends more on the internet and less on the computer, an old processor wouldn’t do any harm, although players need to make sure all plugins on their browser are updated.

tick-markIf you are an infrequent gambler, you’ll appreciate the fact that your computer’s memory space is not consumed by not downloading any additional software.

tick-markAll access to casino games is instantly available, whereas players need to install each casino game for at least the first time. Furthermore, all additional games are readily available for play, while in the software program, players will have to install the new games again.

tick-markIf you are in the stage of trying out casinos and their games, they are easily accessible through the browser itself without having to download software for each casino.

Disadvantage of Non-download Casinos

cross-markIf you do not have a decent internet speed, loading casino games on the browser might consume more time.

cross-markDownload Casinos are more intuitive in terms of user-interface. Getting around the software is a bit easier than the website making the navigation on the software smoother.